Toyama Atlas User Agreement

Toyama Microwave Atlas is the database prepared for spectroscopists and astronomers. This database is allowed to use for free as long as you understand and accept the terms and conditions of this user agreement. Please read and undestand this user agreement carefully before using the database. We expect that you have basic knowledge about spectroscopy. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, avoid using this database.

Toyama Microwave Atlas provide frequency lists and accompanying information with them.
We attempt to provide the most reliable data. There are, however, possibilities to observe lines that we did not intend.
Some of the possible causes are listed.

1. Small amount of impurities and contamination are inavoidable although we buy samples of high purity. It is also possible that the sample decomposes and produce other chemicals. Microwave spectroscopy is a highly-sensitive technique to observe these impurities.

2. Most of the samples are not isotope enriched unless if noted and isotopomers are observed at the same time at the rate of the Earth's natural abundances.

3. Multipliers are used to produce higher frequency over 40 GHz. Lines due to the other (usually higher) harmonics not intended are commonly observed though they are usually much weaker than the specified harmonic. Due to the observational methods, these higher harmonics are observed at the same time and cause ghost spectrum.

Please use the data with care, especially those without assignment. Signal to noise ratio (S/N) is also given as when available. But you can not use it instead of absolute intensity because sensitivity of our spectrometer depends on the setup and frequency. We usually optimize the comdition every 200 MHz. We keep updating this atlas. We cannot take any resposibilities caused by using Toyama Microwave Atlas.

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